Calf Creek Falls Hike

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Yet another outstanding hike in Utah, in the desert, to a spectacular waterfall.

There’s an upper and lower falls associated with this adventure. The lower falls are more popular as it is easier to hike to and navigate, but a longer one. Someday I would love to go back and check out the upper falls because I feel it might be a little more adventurey and definitely less populated.

Head out of Escalante Eastbound on Highway 12 for about 15 to 16 miles, take a left turn for the parking lot. Pay your fee, and hopefully you went early enough and there’s enough parking left. Or you could camp in their campground to make it super easy.

This hike will take half the day if you really want to enjoy it.

Just a pretty view along the hike.
What a gorgeous desert landscape, and look at that blue sky!

Things to know for this hike

  • The hike is 3 miles in and 3 miles back out the same way.
  • There’s hardly any shade – so slather on the sunblock and bring extra as well as a hat.
  • The terrain is mostly flat with a lot of sandy parts.
  • There are a couple geocaches hidden nearby the falls. So bring your GPS device if you’re into that.
  • There are some points of interest a long the way which you will see, and get to learn more if you grab a pamphlet at the trail head.
  • The waterfall acts as an air conditioner once you get there, so you can cool off just by standing near the pool or jump in for a pretty freezing cold dip!
  • There’s nowhere to sit at the falls except for a log and a rock or two, so bring a small blanket if you don’t want to sit in the muddy dirt.
  • Bring some easy lunch to have while you’re sitting enjoying the beauty of the waterfall.
  • Take lots of pics!
It’s exciting when you can hear it the closer you get. Then you see it peeking out of the trees!

This is such a nice place to sit and admire the small wonders nature provides. Has anyone had the pleasure of visiting the upper falls? I’d love to hear about it!

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