Day hike essentials – Product reviews

I decided to write up a few reviews on some handy products I already own and you may want too. These items can make your outdoor adventures a little more enjoyable.

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NEOSLING – Water bottle sling

This baby is handy as hell. 

Convenient, durable, and comfortable.

Wear it over your shoulder for a quick drink from your favorite water bottle.

My Contigo 20 OZ bottle fits perfectly. The material is stretchy so you can easily fit larger bottles inside as well. It seems like it helps insulate your beverage if it’s already cold. 

The strap is adjustable, which means you can also purchase this for kids..

It’s comfortable to wear and I have never had a problem with it.

I have had it a couple of years and used it about a dozen times on some pretty vigorous hikes and haven’t seen a sign of wear yet. I received mine as a gift, but you can purchase these in an array of colors from Amazon for about $7 for most colors.

Bisgear backpacking stove and cookware set 

I wanted a small and lightweight but effective burner to heat up water for a French press to make coffee on my hikes. This has proven time and time again a great little stove with a pot perfect sized to fill the French press. 

Everything except the French press, water, and coffee essentials fit in this 6-1/2” H X 4-1/2 ” W package. I bought my set on Amazon for around $30 and it includes the following:

  • Mini stove with igniter & flame adjuster, plus a plastic box to store it in.
  • A medium non-stick pot with fold-out handle – (About 5” wide  X 4” in height)
  • A small non-stick pot with fold-out handle – (about 4-1/2” wide X 2” in height)
  • Fold-up gas canister stand
  • Fold-up stainless steel spoon, fork, and knife with pouch
  • Carabiner and drawstring mesh carry bag
  • Dishcloth and corkscrew bottle opener

To assemble for storage:

Place canister stand (folded up) in bottom of medium put, then gas canister upside down,(bottom of canister is now facing you)

Mini stove goes inside plastic case then on top of gas canister. Now fit the small pot on top upside down so bottom of small pot is facing you. All done!

The medium sized pot is the one used for heating water for the French press if you’re interested in that. The fuel used for this is a Butane/Propane mix. I buy mine at Walmart for around $5 for the 220 G/7.75 Oz size. I have used it for coffee around 10 or so times and have yet to run out of fuel. 

Our old set-up for coffee. Too bulky and too much to pack.

Ozark Trail 26 Quart high-performance cooler 

 This cooler is comparable to the Yeti of the same size and type but much cheaper. You can get these at Walmart for under $100. They keep things cold and ice unmelted for a much longer period of time than regular coolers. Especially if you can pre-chill it by putting ice blocks or frozen jugs/water bottles inside a day or two before your outing. A bonus feature for these coolers is that they’re rugged and keep dust and dirt out. (no more brown dirt water in the bottom of your cooler!) 

Measures L X W X H – 21.75” x 13″ x 15.5” outside dimensions. Fits nicely on our top rack of our RZR 570.

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