Day hike essentials, product reviews part 2

A few more reviews on some day hiking products I own personally and have deemed noteworthy and great.

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Gonex daypack

A lightweight back pack with lots of compartments and folds up into an even smaller pouch for those times you want to bring it but don’t have a whole lot of room, say in your carry-on bag on a trip.


  • Lots of compartments – outside pockets with zippers and two mesh side pockets for water bottles for easy access. The front zip pockets are small enough and nice for things like lip balm, extra camera batteries, your phone etc.
  • Lightweight material – It’s nice and durable enough and makes it easy to fold up into the smaller pouch size.
  • The cost is a good value – I got mine on Amazon for $17.


  • The zipper gets stuck in pretty much all of the flaps that cover the zipper. You have to have both hands available to get anything in or out of the pack. The good news is that this complaint has been a big one a lot of the reviews on Amazon the company has improved and updated the pack to rectify this problem.

Ahnu Sugarpine Women’s hiking boot 

 I received these boots as a gift from the hubs a few years back. My first quality pair of hiking boots! As far as performance, these boots have never let me down. The only issue I have with my pair specifically is that they need to be a half size bigger. But like I said, they were a gift and when I got them and tried them on, I was so excited I didn’t notice how much they squeeze my toes. Not Ahnu’s fault though!

What I love about them

  • I love the color combinations Ahnu boots come in. 
  • The Vibram sole provides great traction.
  • Waterproof leather features around the bottom half of the boot
  • Lightweight
  • Durable boot with quality laces – I think they’ll last me years and years!
  • Great value for cost – $100 and just over that. Not bad!

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

I know you’ve heard of this little compact amazeballs adventure camera! 

We capitalized on the trade-up program Go Pro offers and sent in one of our older models for this one. We also have a Hero 5 with the Karma Grip accessory but the Hero 7 is equipped Hypersmooth function that magically smoothes out the video without the need of a gimbal. Trust me it’s worth it. Video is pretty much just as smooth as with the Karma Grip. Definitely enough to go with out it for sure!

What it has/features

  • Hypersmooth – Game changer!
  • Fully waterproof without a special case – Nice!
  • Super photo feature – A function that automatically chooses the best settings for a photo. Another game changer!
  • Time Warp mode – Similar to the time lapse mode of previous models. Time warp is a video with Hypersmooth, instead of a series of photos like time lapse. This mode plays back at a faster speed which you can choose from 2X, 5X, 10X, 15X, & 30X, depending on how long your video is.
  • Will shoot 4K video 60 FPS with Hypersmooth. 
  • Voice commands – This feature is and has been great since it was introduced with the Hero 5. Once in a while the camera doesn’t listen to you, so you have to yell at it a little to get it to mind. It’s all good fun though!

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