Back pack essentials for a hike

Are you planning on going on a hike that should last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours?
I gathered a list below for some essentials I choose to bring along in my back pack.

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  • Water – Definitely a must have anywhere you go!
  • Sunblock – I usually pack the spray kind for re-applies. It just makes it easier!
  • Phone and GoPro camera – Gotta take pictures and video!
  • Snacks – My go to snacks are usually an apple or orange, trail mix or just nuts and a food bar.
  • Selfie stick/tripod for phone- I don’t always use it but ya never know!
  • Tissue – for runny noses (especially in the cold) and for bathroom breaks – I have a SheWee but I haven’t dared use it yet!
  • Empty baggie or sack for trash – Pack it in and pack it out!
  • Lip balm – lips get dry.
  • Extra Buff – If I’m not already wearing one.
  • GPS – especially if I plan on geocaching on the hike.
  • Extra jacket – especially if it’s cooler weather
Additional items to pack for winter hikes

If I’m going on a hike in the winter, I take my boot spikes or crampons and some gloves and maybe a warm scarf.

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