Geocache swag ideas, wooden dominoes

Supplies needed

  • Wood craft sticks 1.25 in X 10 in – purchase at a craft store
  • Wood burner – These can be purchased at any craft store and range in price depending on how fancy you want to get with your wood burning.
  • Small hand saw
  • Fine sandpaper – I used 220 grit
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Steps to creating your dominoes

Take a craft stick and draw a line down the width of it where the rounded end stops and then measure 2 inches down the length of the stick until no more can fit. I was able to get 4 pieces out of each stick, so you will need at least 7 sticks. Extra pieces may pay off in case you mess up on the wood burning process.

Grab your saw and hang it over the edge of something sturdy and score on each line. If you do this right and carefully you should be able to just score and break each piece off. You can also score and then start sawing through at an angle carefully.

You’ll need 28 pieces for a regular dominoes game. After you have all your pieces you can start filing the rough edges with the sandpaper. I would just lay the sandpaper down on a table and move the pieces back and forth on the sandpaper until smooth.

Do a quick online search for what each domino should look like and draw with the pencil on each one.

I used the rounded tip attachment that came with my wood burner set. 

Heat up the burner and burn over your pencil marks.

I then burned around the edges to give it some pop!

Do an online search on gameplay and print, or type up your own instructions.

All done! Put all the pieces in a bag with instructions on how to play dominoes.

Alternative to wood burning

If you wanted, you could paint the dots on the wood pieces and then clear coat spray them all.