Travel packing hacks

8 good tips on packing for your trip!

Going on a trip? Yay! Alright you need to pack appropriately. Some of us tend to overpack and under pack, and we sometimes don’t think about it that hard until it’s too late. Let’s go through some basic things to keep in mind when packing for a trip and some hacks you may not know about to make it easier.

  1. How long will you be gone? – This is a really part one of a two part question that coincides with the next question listed here. You need know how many clothes to pack. 
  2. Where are you going and/or what will you be doing?

You don’t want to pack a bunch of nice clothes if your trip will mostly consist of hiking or lying around on a beach do you? So really it’s how long and what am I doing?

Generally plan on packing 

  • Comfortable clothes 
  • Comfortable shoes, or better yet wear those shoes on your travel there.
  • Pack at least one extra pair of socks. Do this even if you know you’ll most likely be in sandals or barefoot most of the time. 
  • Extra underwear – Unless you go commando! 
  • Pack outfits together if possible
  • Hygiene products/toiletries
  • Activity specific items – If you know what activities you’ll be doing ahead of time, this part is real easy. Going hiking? What gear will you need? Swimming? Take a swimsuit or two. You get the idea.

3.   What is the weather like? – Dress accordingly and bring extra jackets or sweaters if it’s cold. Research this ahead of time if you don’t already know.

4.   Remember to leave room for extra items

If you think you’ll be getting souvenirs or just shopping a bunch, remember to leave room for those items. Especially if you’re flying.

5.   Make certain things accessible – Pack your chargers, medications or supplements you have to take regularly in an accessible place like an outside pocket if you can. That way you don’t have to dig for it and mess up your nice packing job!

6.   Only pack essentials – Unless you have an entire car to fill up to the brim with whatever your heart desires, leave the majority of your what-ifs at home. 

7.   Separate your dirties – Bring a bag you can use to put all your dirty clothes in or designate a section in your bag or suitcase for them to keep them separate.

8.   Separate your shoes – Keep your shoes separate from your clothes. Put them in their own bag, put them in a separate compartment in your bag or just keep them on the bottom of your bag if you’re not too worried.

Space saving packing hacks

  • Roll your clothes up
  • Put outfits together – roll up together if possible.
  • Use packing cubes to help organize and minimize
  • Get a travel jewelry organizer – they really are worth it!
  • Utilize a bag you’ll need for your trip – If your hiking or backpacking, pack as much of your common needs in there.
  • Purchase travel size bottles – Don’t bring your full size stuff. Make it tiny!
  • Protect your souvenirs – If you purchased fragile items whilst on your trip, protect them for the ride home by wrapping your clothes around them. Especially if you’re flying and checking your bag. I once flew back from Hawaii with a bottle of wine in my checked bag that I wanted to take back home. Made it unscathed! 
  • Put things in your shoes – Stuff some socks and small things in your shoes if you can.