10 fun and creative things to do while camping

Read on for some nature Lovin fun!

For me camping is a great way to get in a bunch of ATV rides, hikes and even geocaching in. You can do those things all day and don’t have to go very far to get back to cook and sleep. But not everyone does or likes those things, so here’s a few ideas to keep yourself and kids entertained.

  1. ATV rides – Like I said, this is my number one choice. Even if I don’t want to go on a long ride, it’s great to use the side-by-side to get from camp to wherever.
  2. Hiking – Locate a hike you’d like to do in the area before hand. I’ve also just drove around until I found something that looks promising and hiked it to see what was up. That can be a little risky so do your research before you go. Check out my post on hiking tips!
  3. Make your own walking stick/roasting sticks – On your ride or whilst on your hike, look around for a perfect walking stick or marshmallow roasting stick to take back to camp to carve up later. You can put in some really cool designs in your walking stick with just a good knife. If you have kids at the camp, you can carve some up for them. Maybe if they’re old enough, you can let them do it with supervision. That’s entirely up to you though! (scary)
  4. Go geocaching – Look at the map at geocaching.com in the area you’ll be camping to see if there are any near geocaches to find. I’ll bet there are! Check out my post about geocaching.
  5. Go fishing – If fishing is your cup o coffee – by all means get your fish on. Camping and fishing is another pair of outdoor activities that go hand-in-hand. Make sure you know your states fishing guidelines before trying it if you don’t already know.
  6. Outdoor games – Or yard games they may be called. Games like horseshoes, Ladderball, Bocce ball, frisbee toss, corn hole, giant jenga, or even badminton.
  7. Play cards – This is a great one to do if you have a camper or tent to go in if it starts to rain. You can also hold a poker tournament outside on camping tables or if you’re at a camp site with picnic tables. That is if the wind isn’t blowing too bad!
  8. Set-up a photo scavenger hunt – This can be a photo thing like the one I have posted here. Or you can look around real quick at your surrounding area at camp and write down some things the kids can go find. Give them each a little baggie and the list. That should keep them busy for a while. 
  9. Stargaze – This is nice especially if you’re not allowed to have a fire due to restrictions. You can download an app for your phone to help you find and decipher what you’re looking at.
  10. Make Ice cream – That’s right! I said make ice cream. A long time ago I purchased some ice cream balls that you put ice and rock salt in the middle stainless steel cylinder. Then evaporated milk and any soda pop you want on the outside. Toss the ball around to each other and in no time you have some delicious homemade ice cream. This is especially popular with kids.

I also look at camping as a great way to unplug. As best as you can (I know it can be hard if you have service) try not to use your phone, except for photos or music. Try not to even look at it to see what time it is. It’s kind of nice not knowing I think. 

Like the song by A Perfect Circle says, “Time to put the silicon obsession down, take a look around” 


Photo scavenger hunt

Outdoor photo scavenger hunt ideas.

How much fun is this? Go out to one of your favorite spots or hikes, or while your camping. Take a few of your friends or family and make a contest out of it.

Here’s my photo scavenger hunt list. It’s pretty easy, so you could get kids involved as well. Other than the bonus finds they should be found just about anywhere.

  1. Something natural in the shape of a letter
  2. A natural body of water – Like a river, pond or lake.
  3. A lonely tree – A tree out all by itself with no others around it.
  4. Clouds in the shape of something
  5. A bug
  6. Flowers
  7. An animal
  8. Something left behind – Garbage, coins, anything left or dropped by humans.
  9. Moss
  10. A trail – This could be a hiking trail, ATV trail, bike trail.
  11. A sign
  12. Funky shaped rock
  13. A nest
  14. Animal prints
  15. A dead tree
  16. A feather
  17. Something you think is special
  18. A spiderweb
  19. Tree bark
  20. A great place to hide a geocache

Bonus photos

  • Sunset
  • Petroglyph/pictograph
  • Fire
  • Fossil

You can do this however you want. Do it just for fun, look at the photos of each item and judge based on popular vote – whoever gets the most votes wins. You could make each one specific to the area you’re in and make it harder for adults only or make it simple for kids.