Snow Canyon State Park, UT

Here’s an idea for a great State Park to visit near St. George Utah.

Here’s one of Utah’s many desert landscape gems, situated in the southern part of the state near St. George. I’ve been eyeballing this park for a while in hopes of exploring it when visiting my cousins. When I made this trip, my intentions were to go back to Zions for another visit and also to get some more use out of my National Park pass. Unbeknownst to me and my traveling companions, it was free to get in because it was Veterans Day and it just so happens that landed on a Saturday that year. Silly me thinking I would be able to explore the park freely. Let alone find a place to park. Nope. Didn’t find a place to park anywhere and the road up that canyon was under construction, so we ended up waiting in that for a least an hour. We decided to check out Snow Canyon State Park instead and I’m glad we did.

You have 7,400 acres to hike, camp, bike, and ride horses around in. Not to mention it’s a photographers dream. It’s generally pretty hot in the summer but early spring, fall, and winter are quite pleasant. This place is perfect for kids to explore around here. The park is North of Ivins, UT, so you could pop in there or shop in St. George for some picnic food, snacks and drinks and spend as much of the day here. I wish I did but as you read in the last paragraph I spent a good portion of my day in traffic.

A few hikes and spots of interest

These are in no specific order except I listed what I was able to do and then what I wish I could’ve done and what you should do too.

Pioneer Names – This is a short walk from the road on a dirt trail to some red cliffs with a lot of desert varnish and then a wall with a bunch of Pioneers names written in axle grease. Around this area are some great places to get pics so wander around and snap away.

Petrified Dunes & Butterfly trail – These trails connect but you can do either or.

The name says it all, they really look like petrified sand dunes or huge piles of red cow shit however you want to look at it.

White Rock Amphitheater – Less than a mile hike to view this awesomeness. There’s white sand to play in that’s a lot of fun too. Looks like elephant skin to me.

See…. elephant skin!
Beautiful white sand!

Lava Tube trail – Lava tubes that apparently you can go in? What no way! I didn’t get to check this one out but it looks and sounds cool.

Jennys Canyon – This is a slot canyon hike and a little less than a mile. Slot canyons are cool. 

Johnson Canyon – I believe this one is closed a lot and/or you need a permit to hike in. That might need a phone call to clarify that one. But it sounds like you get to see a pretty cool arch.

Snow Canyon Overlook – This is a must do. I did not however, but the hike is 4.7 miles roundtrip and it’s an overlook of all of Snow Canyon and more. This would be a perfect beginning or end to your trip here.

You can camp in Snow Canyon State Park campground with the usual congestion that comes with those pay sites. They offer 14 RV sites and 17 Multi-use campsites with all the amenities. Check out for deets and bookings.

So there’s my impromptu trip to Snow Canyon. What are your experiences here?