DIY Geocache swag idea, Tic-Tac-Toe

Let’s say you want to make some geocache swag of your own to start swapping.
Or perhaps you’ve decided to start some caches of your own.
Read on for a Do-It-Yourself Tic-Tac-Toe mini game.

Supplies needed

  • Cloth bags about 5” W X 6-1/2” L 

Now if you’re really crafty and/or have the supplies/time, you could make the bags yourself. I’m not however, so these bags were purchased at a craft store.

  • 10 rocks

This geocache swag idea might take a little time to gather materials. These rocks were on hand because my sister is a little more of a rock freak than I am, so she had these rocks already. When you’re out and about, on a walk, hike, fishing etc. take a look at the ground and find rocks that are somewhat smooth, flat, and round or oval.  I’m sure you could buy these too, but in my opinion that going a bit far don’t you think?

  • White acrylic paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Matte clear coat spray – I used Rustoleum Matte clear enamel. I don’t know if it will do much good to clear coat them, but I figured WTH it can’t hurt anything

Get it together

First have some cardboard or card stock handy to put inside your bag so the marker or paint doesn’t bleed through. 

Next take a permanent marker or some dark acrylic paint 

(marker could bleed on certain material) and measure, dividing evenly, then mark 9 spaces. 3 across, 3 down, etc. or eyeball it like I did! 

Wash your rocks and let them dry fully. Now grab your paintbrush with paint and either freehand X’s and O’s on the rocks or you could pencil them on first if the rocks are light enough to see the pencil marks. 

Let the paint dry and spray with matte clear coat if desired.

I’m putting my rocks in little baggies and then everything in another clear bag to put in the geocaches.

Yay! You’re all done. Comment below for any questions or let me know how yours went!

Alternative to using rocks

Use those glass gems in two different colors. Or get the bigger clear gems and Mod Podge or glue decorative paper on the flat part. You could even paint right on the gem if you wanted.