Mystic Hot Springs

Head to Monroe, UT for a relaxing mineral soak in some hot springs at a hippie inspired little resort.

With a name like Mystic Hot Springs, how can you not be intrigued. 

Some of you may not know exactly what a hot spring is. Basically it’s groundwater that rises to the surface that has been heated geothermally and can vary in temperatures.

The water at Mystic Hot Springs comes out at 168 degrees and is then cooled down for safe soaking by channels they’ve dug in the ground, flowing down the hills above, into bathtubs and pools. They have 8 bathtubs, a shallow pool, (about knee hight at standing) and a deep pool that is quite a bit hotter. The mounds around some of the tubs and extending into the shallow pool, are the result of calcium carbonate deposits that have formed over time. It doesn’t seem to take long though. There’s no sulfur present and even though the water looks kinda icky, it has no smell. 

I visited in January, hence the snow and gloominess.
You can spend the night

It’s nice to be able to come here, stay the night and soak whenever you want. The springs are open to overnight guests 24/7.

  • Buses – They offer several buses, varying in size and accommodations.
  • Cabins – Small and reconstructed of old cabins, an original pioneer cabin and materials found. 
  • Campground – They offer a small campground for tent camping complete with grass!
  • RV spots – There are a few spots to hook up an RV to sewer, water, and electricity. Available April – October.
  • Mars Hotel Guesthouse – Book a 3 bedroom trailer, or just one of the rooms and share the experience with other guests.
The Other One bus – Equipped with a super comfy heated king bed and soft pillows, blankets and linens. The space heater couldn’t keep up with the cold wee hours of a January morning though.
Our comfy king bed
The view from the bed.
Yes that is a small bus on top of a big bus!
Some of the cabins they have to offer.
  • Concerts – That’s right! Live performances! More so in the warmer months I’m sure. But they have an outdoor stage and a small indoor stage to get your groove on!
  • Get a massage – You can book massages with one of their on-site massage therapists.
  • Check out the gift store – A lot of hand made items. Jewelry, clothes, rocks, crystals, statues, massage oils and incense. 
There’s the outdoor concert stage!
I know, it looks gross, but it’s not I promise….just chill.

Mystic Hot Springs is a lovely and unique place, and I am anxious to go back. Although it was pretty chilly going in January, I think it’s probably best to stick to the cooler months when planning a visit here. I don’t know how hot it gets in Monroe Utah in the summertime, but I would think soaking in the springs would be a little too unbearable for me at that time. 

The owners could do a little more to improve things overall, like for instance, sealing up the buses better against the cold, and maybe paving and some concrete work would help cut down on all the mud build-up. The entire time my husband and I were there we were making plans on what could be done to make it better, and what could be done to expand and make it more lucrative. I also understand wanting to keep it small and more intimate too. 

I fully plan on going back this year, and hopefully spending a night or two in one of those cabins. I miss the relaxing feeling of a good soak already!

They fashioned a channel out of some fabric to have it form an arch one day. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Have you been to Mystic Hot Springs? How is the concert scene there? Please share, I’d love to know!