Photo scavenger hunt

Outdoor photo scavenger hunt ideas.

How much fun is this? Go out to one of your favorite spots or hikes, or while your camping. Take a few of your friends or family and make a contest out of it.

Here’s my photo scavenger hunt list. It’s pretty easy, so you could get kids involved as well. Other than the bonus finds they should be found just about anywhere.

  1. Something natural in the shape of a letter
  2. A natural body of water – Like a river, pond or lake.
  3. A lonely tree – A tree out all by itself with no others around it.
  4. Clouds in the shape of something
  5. A bug
  6. Flowers
  7. An animal
  8. Something left behind – Garbage, coins, anything left or dropped by humans.
  9. Moss
  10. A trail – This could be a hiking trail, ATV trail, bike trail.
  11. A sign
  12. Funky shaped rock
  13. A nest
  14. Animal prints
  15. A dead tree
  16. A feather
  17. Something you think is special
  18. A spiderweb
  19. Tree bark
  20. A great place to hide a geocache

Bonus photos

  • Sunset
  • Petroglyph/pictograph
  • Fire
  • Fossil

You can do this however you want. Do it just for fun, look at the photos of each item and judge based on popular vote – whoever gets the most votes wins. You could make each one specific to the area you’re in and make it harder for adults only or make it simple for kids.