Fisher Towers Hike

A wonderful hike that isn’t in Arches or Canyonlands National Parks.
So far my fave in Moab, Ut. Come join in on the fun that is a true Moab hike!

Fisher Towers, Moab Ut in February

This hike wow! All the things a hike should be really! Eye candy as far as your eyeballs can see! Twists and turns, equal sunny and shady parts throughout the hike, towering cliffs that make you feel as big as a itty bitty pida (spider). I must admit, this hike challenged me as far as my fear of heights go. But I did the damn thing, and I’m proud of myself. Say I did attempt this hike 5 to 10 years ago, I would have turned back at the ladder part and said, “nope, not doing this!”

Just a hair out of my comfort zone for sure but very rewarding.

There are sections that don’t see as much sun and therefore were snowy/icy/muddy in February. But yet again didn’t have to get my crampons out. 

People like to climb the towers/spires here and I can see why. They would be fun to climb.

But like I said before I’m not a heights person so we won’t be doing that anytime soon I’m sure.

The Titan

This cliff or spire supposedly marks the halfway point where you go around it. It seemed a lot longer after that but that may be because there’s more scrambling and slow going icy parts after it. 

The side of the Titan

the ladder section….scare me!

The end of the trail – the overlook

It seemed like my husband and I was looking for the end of this trail for quite a while before getting to the overlook. Once you get there, you can see for miles and even the parking lot at the trailhead. 

What a great experience! I noticed a campground somewhere near the trailhead. I wonder what it’s like camping here.