Capital Reef Resort

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sleep in a teepee, compete with a view of red desert cliffs, have I got the read for you!

YAASSS! Teepees!

Capital Reef Resort is right there on your way to Capital Reef National Park in Torrey, Utah.

The accommodations this place has to offer can keep you busy exploring the national park in so many ways. Or you can stay here and go explore the majesticness of the park yourself.

Capital Reef National Park

Choose your relaxing night stay in:

  • Teepees – 250 square foot teepees with a big fluffy king bed. Way big actually, I had a hard time climbing into it! Each one also has desks and chairs and a big screen TV (I never turned ours on) and a space heater/air conditioner to keep the temperature nice while you’re inside. 
  • Cabins – There are a few of these nice little cabins in a single room, loft style, or a 2 bedroom cabin, all dressed in elegant yet rustic style. 
  • Wagons – These babies can sleep up to 6 people! All in a wagon circle with a fire pit right in the middle! 
  • Hotel rooms – The rooms look comfy and cozy as well. Some come with a patio, or a private balcony to sit out on and take in the grand red cliffs beyond.

Note: The teepees and wagons do not have their own bathroom. But you get your own private full bathroom complete with tub, shower, toilet, lots of sink space and a Keurig coffee maker! 

You just have to walk a few hundred feet or so to it. It’s not too bad, I promise! Availability on these are subject to the weather as well. The website lists them available only June through September, but I went in May with my husband for our anniversary in 2017, and stayed in one of the teepees.

Adventure bookings with the resort

  • Horseback riding 
  • Guided hikes with pack llamas 
  • Jeep tours

You can choose from several different tour types with any of these and customize your experience to whatever turns you on. By the hour, day, half day, or overnight tours.

That sounds way fun! I just want to go hiking with the funny llamas.



  • Outdoor pool and hot tub – The pool is seasonal and the hot tub is open year round.
  • Restaurant – Called The Pioneer Kitchen serving breakfast and dinner only.
  • Fire pits – There are several man made fire pits scattered throughout the property for guests to enjoy. (No wood required) Our group of teepees had two, complete with big stationary chairs encircling each pit. They didn’t emit a fuel smell of any kind if you’re wondering. You can join any fire pit circle and meet some interesting people from all over.

Looking back on it…

The property is a fairly good size with lots to offer and it’s obviously popular, but they only have one pool and one hot tub for the entire resort. It kind gets cramped in there.

But really, if you want adventure in this part of Utah, this is the place and a great way to do it.

Just be prepared to fork out a little extra dough!

I didn’t do any hikes in Capital Reef National Park during my stay at the resort. We had been hiking a lot previously and we were really over it.

If you’ve stayed here and took advantage of the tours they have to offer, I’d love to hear about your experience, as I’d love to go back someday.