Here’s a hike to a couple arches you can do in a short amount of time if needed.

Corona Arch
Bowtie Arch…and me!

Head to Moab, UT and get this hike done if you don’t wan’t to deal with Arches or Canyonlands National Parks. 

Getting there

Head northbound out of Moab on Hwy 191 and after the bridge a mile or so there is a road to the left marked Potash road. This is Scenic Byway 279 and worth a drive up even if you don’t want to hike. The trailhead is right off the road on the right and clearly signed.

The arches are at the end of this 1.5 ish mile hike and they are pretty much right by each other. You have to pass by Bowtie to get to Corona. 

Right away at the trailhead, you go up, up, up and then cross the train tracks, and through the fences on each side. It may not look like you have a way through the fences but you do. Follow the cairns and you’ll be fine.

What the hike features

This hike features a whole lot of slick rock hiking, which I personally love, a short ladder and some cable sections to get through. 

If you get lost, which I think would be easy to do on this hike, look around for green paint on the rock.

I don’t know if it was just particularly windy that day. When we got right up by Bowtie Arch, you could hear and feel the wind a whole lot more!

Bowtie kind of looks like an eye from this point of view.

Definitely a popular hike in Moab. We got to the arches just in time to have a little alone time with them.

I hope you enjoyed my pics and videos on this hike.

Happy Hiking!