Winter Mini Adventure idea: Short hike to waterfall at Joes Valley Reservoir

Head up to Joe’s Valley Reservoir near Orangeville Utah for a frozen winter waterfall scene.

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Here’s a little mini adventure idea for ya when you’re stuck in the house on a winter day. Take a quick mile roundtrip hike up to one of the frozen water falls near Joe’s Valley and eat a light lunch, snack it up, or BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee.)

Getting to the falls

From Orangeville, head up Straight Canyon and stay on that road leading around Joe’s Valley. You’ll come up on Trail Mountain Resort on the right side of the road, and once you see that, start looking for mile marker 3. The turn off is only a couple hundred yards from that mile marker with a barbed wire fence heading up to the right.

From the road, this is where you turn in. See the fence?

You can get out here and make it more of a hike, (recommended) or you can brave the snow up the small two track road almost all the way up to the falls. In the summer you can drive up, but I would recommend a high clearance vehicle as this road varies in conditions. 

Follow the two track road up with the barbed wire fence to your left. The road winds around some pretty spectacular pine trees as you get closer to the face of the mountain.

This is a great area for picnic spots in warmer months. 

Keep following this road up and you will see some rocky cliffs and the frozen waterfall start coming into view. 

Almost there!

There are a few places to get closer up high, and down low, close to the stream that are safe. Watch your footing, especially in the snow! Take in the beauty and take notice of the sounds of the ice popping on the lake. It’s really amplified here with the sound echoing off the mountain side.

I love me some Joe’s!

View of Joe’s Valley from the falls

If you didn’t get to have (or wanted to make) coffee at the water fall, you can always stop in at Cup Of Joe’s coffee shop in Orangeville. 

I know there are a few other waterfalls in this area, and they will need a visit soon from me.I’ve been up there in past years and the falls have been dyed with food coloring. Kinda seems like vandalism to me.

Have you been to these Joe’s Valley falls? To the others perhaps?

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