My adventure bucket list for 2019

We all have them in some form or another, and call it what you will.
A destination to do list, travel agenda, excursion plan, gallivanting extravaganza!

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I don’t know about you but I have the wanderlust bug real bad these days and I can’t wait to get on with my next adventure. I have complied a small but thoughtful list of some places that I have found in close enough proximity to where I live, (but cool as hell) and fully intend on making an appearance at this year. 

In no real specific order, except that my list seems to meander down Utah and into Arizona.

I would seriously love to just take a motor home or sprinter van and just do it all in one long go, but I would want my husband and partner in life to go with me and we’re not able to do that just yet. Someday though we will be a traveling adventuring team the likes you have never seen! Mwahahaha! I don’t know why an evil laugh. Because it’s not evil at all it’s just plain ass fun! 

  1. Kanarra Falls – Kanarravile, UT. In the Summer. From what I can tell, you’re basically hiking through a stream, so yeah, summer!
  2. House On Fire Ruins – Probably Spring or Fall, maybe summer. It’s an Anasazi ruin in Mule Canyon near Blanding Utah. This place just looks cool and I’m pretty sure it will blow my mind!
  3. Kanab Caves or Moqui Cave – Late Fall or early Winter
  4. Antelope Canyon Tour – Near Page, AZ. Will be the going same time as Kanab Caves. This is that gorgeous slot canyon you’re seeing pics of everywhere with the beam of sunlight coming down from the a slit in the top down to the ground.
  5. Havasu Falls, AZ – Probably Late fall. I want to SUP board here so bad!
  6. Sedona, AZ – Most likely Late Fall, Early Winter. It just looks magical and serene here, plus I’m really curious about the vortex thing.

I know 6 is kind of a weird number but I carefully narrowed it down to these. My list would go on and on. I’ve probably forgotten about a place or two I’d heard or read about that needs to seriously be on this list, but I can always add to it or try again next year! If I had to cut something out I would cut out the Moqui Caves. Mostly because it’s a fairly new idea on my want list, and the others have been in my day dreams for some time now. 

A few other’s I might add that would be nice…

  • The Grand Canyon – Yep never been. 
  • Mesa Verde National Park, CO – Looks cool.
  • A brewery tour in Colorado would be sweet!

It’s already damn near March so I guess I better start planning and/or booking these.

Any thoughts, questions or some tips for me about my adventure bucket list?

Comment below please, I’d love to hear it!

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