Ideas for mini adventures

Get outdoors for a mini adventure!

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Say you don’t have a whole week, weekend or even a whole day to spend getting your adventure on. Maybe you just want something to do while being outdoors.

You’re bored and tired of being stuck in the house. I have some ideas for what I like to call mini adventures.


One of my favorite things to do for a mini adventure, is to pick an area near where I live,  and go find a few geocaches. It’s a great way to see something new, hike somewhere you’ve never been, and maybe even learn something new through an Earthcache. Check out my post about geocaching!

So grab your GPS device and go caching!

Go out to eat

No not out to a restaurant! Gather some food to cook along with the essential cookery, and head out to the hills or to a picnic spot. You don’t have to be camping to cook outdoors and enjoy it. You can get as simple or as complicated as you want with this mini adventure. Listed below are some ideas of what to cook and what you’ll need to cook it.

  • Weenie roast – Get some hot dogs or sausages, with or without buns and fixin’s, and some roasting sticks or plan on finding a sufficient stick to use while you’re out. Depending on where you go, you need to obey the rules and regulations. So if you can have a fire, great! Make sure you bring fuel, a lighter, maybe wood if you aren’t able to gather it in your area, or charcoal briquettes. Just make sure there aren’t any fire restrictions in your area.
  • Grill it up – You really need a portable grill for this one. Take the required fuel and fire building items for it. You could grill up hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, any meat really, veggies, you could put together a quick salad for a side dish. As far as food goes it’s really up to you. What ever you want to deal with while you’re outside. Setting up at picnic table would make this process a lot easier obviously.
  • Tinfoil meals – These are my go to when I’m camping. I always do the tinfoil dinners at least one night. All this requires is whatever food you want in your tinfoil, wrap that up in tinfoil, take some long handled tongs for handling them, a fire grate or grill – whatever you have or prefer, or you can just throw them shits right in the hot coals of a fire. Like I said before, make sure you know your areas fire regulations before hand.

Go out for a cup o coffee – Don’t go to Starbucks or a coffee shop for this one. You may need to acquire a few supplies for this one. I take a little backpacking stove, a French press, and of course ground coffee with small containers of cream and sugar. Don’t forget your favorite travel mug and head out to a favorite spot, or take your supplies in a backpack and hike. Take a coffee break!

Photo scavenger hunt – Grab your phone or camera and drive out to an area you know will be great for photos. This is better with several people involved so you can compare photos and turn it into a game. Here is my post for photo scavenger hunt ideas.

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